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Over one third of the world’s population is children. India stands second among the nations in the highest number of children under the age of 15. India has the largest child labor force in the world. It also has the highest rate of infant mortality.

In response to these staggering facts, IGL has reached into the rural villages of India to provide care and education to these suffering children. There are several ways this is done.

School age children are provided with free education in village schools and after school programs. Infants and toddlers are cared for in day care centers that are operated in a local life center. Children are cared for and educated while parents work.

They are not only receiving the physical care they lack, but are also being taught and loved by Godly men and women who are dedicated to raising them up as children of God.


IGL Children’s Homes

Children’s homes are a primary ministry of the India Gospel League. IGL provides homes for orphans and children from broken and unstable families. Children who have been abandoned, children who are affected with leprosy, are disabled, are wandering refugees, and children of the “untouchables” all find refuge in one of IGL’s many homes.

Following the cottage style model, children are housed in small cottages instead of dorms. Each cottage is overseen by one ‘house parent.’ This setting provides a more natural and nurturing environment.


Educational outreach is a pivotal part of IGL for over 5 decades

Education has been an integral part of IGL’s outreach ever since its inception.

IGL has established more than 50 schools during the last 5 decades. These schools are open to all children regardless of caste, religions, or their family’s economic status.

A Community College and an Industrial Training Institute at Sharon Gardens in Salem are the newest additions to IGL’s educational outreach.