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The rural and community development aspect of IGL focuses on three issues: The lack of Child Care, Health Care, and Socio- Economic Development. These are the programs that are actively working to solve these issues.

Child Care

Several thousand children receive holistic care through IGL’s Children’s Activity & Development Centers, where their physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs are met.

For children ages 2-4, IGL provides basic education, nutritious meals, and an opportunity to learn about Jesus during the day.

For older children, IGL provides an extra-curricular option to students who need help understanding and completing their school assignments. Volunteer tutors spend hours of one-on-one time with stude IGL is actively working in the rural villages of India to solve real problems, and has for over five decades. Millions of people across South Asia still need to hear the Good News about Jesus, and millions more need practical blessings like education, medical care, and economic opportunity.

Socio – Economic Development program

Skill Training Programs are empowering young men and women by giving them marketable skills. Village Skill Training Programs offer village members, specifically women, training and resources to start their own small enterprises. The skills that are taught include, tailoring, computer typing, arts & crafts, carpentry, steel fabrication, and brick making.

Infrastructure Development in the villages includes establishing sanitation systems, digging wells, and training villages in practices that will keep their water supplies from becoming contaminated. Schools are also being built, and free houses for the homeless are being constructed.

Micro-Credit Loans are given to women who have been trained through a Skills Training Program. These women have developed a plan for their very own small business and are now being provided with the means to turn their plans into reality.

Women’s Empowerment programs provide a network and support system for women entrepreneurs through Women’s Transformation Groups. jeevan sahaya nidhi Members of these groups are successful small- business owners who have gone through the Skills Training and Micro-Credit programs. They are becoming IGL’s ambassadors to their villages. They are IGL’s ‘eyes and ears’ and are working to create social awareness and identify new opportunities for skill development.

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